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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  January 21, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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a woman who was given up for dead not even two weeks ago fighting the battle of her life with smile, tears and judging from her doctors right now, hope. she is fighting like hell. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> glenn: from new york, hello, america. we have a studio audience again today. and an incredible show lined up for you. we were just talking before we went on the air that this week marks our two-year anniversary on fox news. and we were just talking about that. everybody in my office, we had a betting pool. i don't think anybody had two years. i think longest out was like 18 months.
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they were like they'll be done with us by then. it's been two years. when i first went on the air, it was right around the time of inauguration. i think the inauguration was my second day. i had never done live television before. and my goal really was to wake people up, but really try to piece it all together, try to figure out what was going on. then i got a disturbing qual from a listener who said i'm giving up, i'm unplugging, because this is just making me more and more mad. and when i heard that, i knew that you can't unplug. and you can't get mad. if you get mad, trouble comes faster. so i started something called the "9.12 project" and it was to reach out and to get together with people and know that you were not alone. do we have the logo of the
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9.12 project? this comes from ben franklin. this is actually our first political cartoon. it was "unite or die." started the 9.12 project. values and principles. and then while people were off doing that, i said i was going to try to figure out what was going on. and we installed this phone. i've unplugged it since, because they never called. quite frankly, this year i said i don't care if they call anymore. i don't really care. we know what is happening. my goal was to try to figure it out and put it all together. that's why we installed this. i don't want to be wrong. i told you at the time. i don't want to believe the things that i tell you. i really don't. it doesn't end well if they're true. i wanted them to call. they never did. van jones left the white house in the middle of the night. it didn't want him fired -- i didn't want him fired. i wanted to understand. please, tell me what your philosophy is. don't nudge us into something.
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c'mon, stand up and let's have real dialogue. let's talk about the values and the principles that you believe in. and that the american people believe in. but he went out in the middle of the night and they never called. a year ago, was at it year ago? yeah, a year ago, over a year ago we then went to faith, hope and charity. once i started putting it all together and i knew what we were facing, then i realized we're in real trouble. so we have to go back and look at the things that will hold us together. faith, hope and charity. quite honestly, i painted these. and i didn't really know what this was going to turn into. i just knew that this was the direction that i needed to go. we put it here on the set. faith, hope and charity. i tried to teach myself along with you the history of our country. i found george whitefield. this is samuel adams.
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i didn't even know who he was two years ago. he was the beer guy, right? no. profound faith. profound faith. found george whitefield. george whitefield led to people like this. science from ben franklin and a wild entrepreneur. but he also was the king of charity. he gave us the american religion. there is a god. we'll all meet them some day. the best thing we can do is help each other. he also gave us the charity, he gave us besides the first public hospital and the first public university, i believe he also said make people uncomfortable in their poverty to help them get out. pull themselves up by the boot straps. then, things were really starting to heat up. last summer, i did 8-28. i asked you to come to washington. i told you to begin to expect
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miracles, that miracles you would witness in your lifetime. on 8-28, right before, 40 days before, i outlined this. blue print for national survival. it's kind of like national -- what is that? national treasure? with nicolas cage. is that the name of the movie? where they hid the answers. the answers are all there. you just have to have the special glasses. in our case, you just have to read them. you have to read their words. with a firm reliance on the protection of divine providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, fortunes and our sacred honor. divine providence is different than manifest destiny. this means no matter what happens, good or bad, if we do the right things, if we look at things and say it's going to be okay, as long as we're in tune with him, he's not on our side. we have to be on his side.
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once that happens, no matter good or bad, no matter what happens we're going to be fine. if we are these people and i ask you to take these steps and try it on for 40 days and 40 nights. then, right before christmas, i said there is a town in ohio that everyone in the media has declared ground zero a disaster area. i said i want to introduce you, because i look at this town. divine providence. are they hurting? like nobody else's business. that is happening to wilmington at this time for a reason. i choose to believe they will inspire the nation. boy, they have sure inspired me. i took a christmas break and then i came back and this is something i've been working
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on, almost since i was working on this. i started to think how do we put this together, how do we do it? it's the e-4 solution, if you will. not only for you, but for me to make sure that i remain on course. i need it just as much as you do. how do we solve our problems? the answer isn't that hard. the first part is enlightenment. is that about god? does it mean go to church? no. when did they write the declaration of independence or the constitution? in the age of enlightenment. what was that? some people say the age of enlightenment had nothing to do with god. others say it was about reason. others say no, it was about god. no, it was both. for the first time man said wait a minute.
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we have a rain -- we have a brain, we can reason. we can look to science and we can look at the facts and couple that with facts. divine providence. nature law. you put them together and you use reason. as jefferson said, fix reason firmly in her seat. that was enlightenment. when you use reason and you don't care about the answer, you're just looking for the answer, when you fix god, and reason, you start to pursue, you start to look for okay, all right, well, i've got to use god and reason. i need to educate myself. if you fix reason in her seat and question with boldness ep the very existence of god. again, jefferson and you understand the truth has no agenda. it's neither going to prove
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you right nor wrong. that's not what the truth is for. to make you a hero or village. they're there because it's the truth. unchanging, everlasting. it's the truth. educate yourself, using god and reason to empower yourself. i want to show you something that i said it's really as much for me as much as you, and probably more so for me. i want to show you something. it started to put -- first, this is from 8-28, the merit badge. i'm starting to sew them in my shirt. wear your heart on your sleeve. i want to be reminded all the time. reminded all the time be. a man of merit. be a man of honor. remember george washington. there is something else that nobody else sees that this is uncomfortable? is this an uncomfortable moment for you? something else that nobody sees -- i put it here. i put these tags on all of my
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shirts. it says, "be who you were born to be." that's only half of the phrase that i say all time. be who you were born to be. the other half is not the person you've allowed yourself to become. i know, because i allowed myself to become something that i wasn't born to be. when you do step one, step two and step three, you find yourself at e-4. entrepreneurship. you solve problems. necessity is the mother of invention. is there anybody here who doesn't think we're on the edge of insanity or necessity? now we can choose to say it's insanity and do nothing about it except for point fingers at each other or say it's time for the mother of invention to step up to the plate. time for us to solve the problems. as i explained earlier this week, it's up to the
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individuals to solve the problems. that's kind of the history of the two years that we've been on fox. it hasn't been about hateful rhetoric or anything. it has been about solving the problem, the riddle, what is happening and with an is the best way to do it? and i don't come to you as a guy who has the answers. i don't come to you as a guy who says i know everything. i don't. i clearly don't. i'm not a guy who says i get it right all the time, because i don't. we clearly don't. but we try. because i do believe it was the age of enlightenment that gave us this enlightened document. we've lost the light. the documents haven't. we have. 40 days ago we went to wilmington, ohio, a town
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devastated by economic tsunamis. d.h.l. closed the factory, 8,000 people, of a town of 12,000, 8,000 lost their jobs. now, that's when a choice has to be made. does the town just drown in a sea of unemployment and become another statistic? or do they just say no, no, no? and rightfully so, they're hurting. or do they come together and realize that necessity is the mother of invention. a factory isn't defining factor in their success. that's not what they are. we learned this on 9/11. we thought we were our jobs or our cars or our status, or our money. or whatever. and on 9/11, the moment the second plane hit the building -- the first one we thought maybe that was -- the second plane hit the building. the moment, if you're anything
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like me you thought oh, dear, god, what is happening? and the next thought is where are my children? where is my family? by the end of the night, all you wanted to do is be home with your family? are you that same person still? please, let's not have to learn this lesson over and over and over again. wilmington made a choice. they could be the poster child for economic failure, which is what every other television show that went to cover them, that's what they could be, that's what the television shows said they were, the poster child for failure. or they could rebuild and pull themselves together and be a source of pride for the state. i don't even think people of wilmington realized this, but not just a source of pride for the state. a source of inspiration for the country and perhaps the world. community spirit.
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togetherness. americans pulling together. i want to show you what has happened in the last 40 days. raise your hand if you drove 12 hours to wilmington with a bunch of frat brothers and then the frat brothers and you decided to serve a night watch at wilmington 24-hour house of prayer. hello, joshua. how are you? >> good, how are you? >> glenn: that's a pretty crazy frat stunt you pulled. >> yeah. yeah. >> glenn: all right. where is stephanie? stephanie. now stephanie drove 17 hours from texas to wilmington to learn how she could make her house of prayer to be more like what was going on in wilmington. this is after i was there, right? >> yes. >> glenn: what happened? >> well, actually, my husband and i drove together. this is my husband. we drove together 17 hours with our daughter. the reason we went there is we
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saw the wilmington special on the air and we saw robin talking. a year ago i was given a message to start a prayer place in texas. i said 7:chronicle, and it says if people will humble themselves and pray and seek my faith and turn from their wicked ways, that is key, turn from their wicked ways, i being god will hear their prayer, forgive their sin and heal their land. we heard that and looked at each other and said we're going to wilmington, ohio. >> glenn: texas is a -- if you've never driven out of texas or across texas, it goes on forever. the only thing worse is flying over alaska. that just never stops. you're like am i in japan yet? so you drove all that time to wilmington to find the answer.
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don't tell me the answer yet. did you find one? >> we did. >> glenn: okay. since our cameras stopped rolling. correct me if i'm wrong, alan. you are with sugar tree ministries. you are the basic food bank. you are not going to take any money from the government or the state or anybody else. we found you because you put your hands with everybody else and you pray and say lord, if you're really our dad, you are going to provide. we need help. right? since our cameras stopped rolling there, how many semi-trucks full of food have come? >> at least six semi-trucks and many, many trailers and pick-up trucks. >> glenn: toys? 500 families? >> over 500 families. >> glenn: okay. when i first came to town that night in wilmington, i had been on the road for two days. i stopped at a place called generation pizza. that's not unusual. i go to a town and hit pizza
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or dairy queen, and if there is a pizza and dairy queen combined, fantastic! kerry is here. you kept your doors open, because people had come from all over the country to have pizza and be there that night. >> i thought it was because you wanted to come have pizza but we stayed open extra late. >> glenn: you donated a year's worth of pizza, which we'll show in a minute, to somebody who is -- >> pizza for life. not just a year. >> glenn: pizza for life. >> for life, yes. >> glenn: you found somebody who could really, really use it. i'll tell you about that, a donation to a family that -- well, i'll give you -- look, here is the point. for two years now, for two
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years we have taken you on a journey, education and figuring things out. a journey hopefully that has been fun along the way. but a journey that if you are watching this show -- this is the weirdest damn show on television. if you are watching this show, there is no reason other than you want to make a difference. the difference comes in the individual. the individual that understands enlightenment, has educated themselves. realize they can be who they were born to be. and then they say i'm going so solve the problem. it ain't with a gun, because they know enlightenment. and they know what happens when somebody gunned down gandhi. gandhi won! power of the individual. that's what we're talking about tonight. back in a minute. [ applause ] ♪ ♪ >> my name is solmation, staff
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sergeant, national guard. i was station in the baghdad. i turned tv on and glenn was on and he was talking about wilmington and inviting people from the surrounding areas to come do christmas shopping. >> if you have christmas shopping to do and you're in the ohio area, please come to wilmington next wednesday with me. >> i went on the internet and started looking for hotels. i reserved a room. then i called my wife. i just needed to see america work. communities coming together to help each other and not just sitting back and relying on the government to come rescue them. we respected a car. drove to ohio from indiana. the kids had a great time. my wife had a great time, everybody pretty much got one or two things. that was it. that was the extent of our christmas shopping. we did our shopping there. the people there, they were happy and upbeat and thankful.
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it was just, it was just really uplifting and for us to be a part of.
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♪ ♪ i was born and raised two blocks from the murphy theater and i nearly lost my spirit and watched it leave totally when d.h.l. move out and left our two older sons without a job. how could that happen to my family and in my town in you've helped more people than you can count with one fabulous visit to my hometown. wilmington, ohio, the new and revived city. [ applause ] >> glenn: i didn't hear that, i didn't hear the last part. she wasn't thanking me for coming and saying that i highlighted this town, right? >> she kind of was. >> glenn: look, here is the thing. we're back with an update on the town of wilmington, ohio, 40 days and 40 nights since our visit there. how many are from wilmington? how many people? front row. i have to tell you, it is
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wilmington, how -- when i said this the first time. allen, remember when i said to you i made you a promise i think in this room, i think it was off the air, i said i will not do what the other broadcasters have done. i will showcase because i think you guys are going to be inspiration. "a," did you believe me at the time? >> yes. >> glenn: okay. [ laughter ] little hesitation. have i kept my word? >> yes, you have. >> glenn: okay. did you believe that you would be the inspiration to a nation when i said that? kind of, not really? >> yeah, because i believe god has been telling us that for a while. >> glenn: god. are you really clear about it now? >> no, but i do know that god has big plans for our country. >> glenn: okay. we have a choice. that's what this program is about. i want to bring you up to speed.
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joshua, how old are you? 22. and where do you go to school? >> university of kansas, just graduated in december. >> glenn: okay. and you want to be a lawyer? >> yes, sir. >> glenn: okay. i had so much respect for you, just the intelligence level has dropped off. only because i have a lot of lawyer friends and they're all miserable. let me start with wilmington. why did you get together with your friends and go to fraternity? it doesn't sound like hey, guys, party with glenn beck. >> i'm part of a christian fraternity, brothers in christ. i watched your show in murphy theater with my friend derek. after the show we looked at each other and we were like are you thinking what i'm thinking? he's like i think so, what are you thinking? i said i think we need to go to wilmington. >> glenn: this is not when i was there. this is after? >> this is half. >> glenn: what were you looking for?
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what were you feeling? >> we wanted to see god move. we went there, and we did. the biggest take-away i took is he is near. he's involved. he won't stop until he gets our attention. >> glenn: hang on just a second. who here has personal experience that god doesn't stop kicking you in the head until you get it? man, he has giant shoes, doesn't he? he's just like okay, all right, i get it! okay. that's what you, that's what you learned. were you surprised by what you saw? was it consistent with what you saw or thought you saw on television? >> yes and no. you can never approximate with what actually happens. i knew it would be good. when i got there, i was shocked by the humility, the love and just the simplicity of all things there. >> 9-12 attitude.
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>> just like we were on 9-12. >> glenn: how is that going to impact your life? now what are you doing? >> man, our chapter at the university of kansas is fairly new, but we got a wor of national training in november we are going to focus on prayer. we needed it to be the life blood of everything we did. that's one thing we are going to do. joining with the other ministries as well. >> glenn: now, let me show you something else. mercury is my company, mercury, inc. i'm a publisher. not an author, i'm a publisher. i'm not even supposed to take manuscripts because somebody can sue and say you took this line out of my book. so there. this is the first one i've taken. joshua gave it to me before the show. i said i actually want somebody to read this, because we may publish this for you. explain what this is. and when did this start? >> last march, long story short, i wanted to translate
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federalist papers to contemporary english. >> glenn: why would you do is that? so we can understand our constitution and get back to it. >> glenn: joshua gave this to me and he said, "i heard you say somebody should do this, so i did." i haven't read it yet but it's the federalist papers, which was the argument that the founders made to the american people. i was just on the air again this week and someone said do you think the constitution could be passed today? i said no. why? because the federalist papers were there back then, they were making the case every day. but the federalist papers are too hard to read for most people now. the power of one person. the power of one person. he hears an idea and says you know what? that makes total sense. then he in law school -- you are doing this end -- >> not quite in law school yet. >> glenn: okay. but you were in your senior year, right?
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senior year during testing? >> mostly over the summer. >> glenn: and he puts this together. one person makes a ditches. all they have to do is act on it. a guy in tucson made a difference. but are you going to make a difference with the positive or the negative? back in just a second. [ applause ] >> i come from a small town, too, and 1,000 of us lost our jobs at the same time. i related to what he was saying about losing their jobs here. i said we got to go. we don't have no money but we got to go. we put our money together and here we are.
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i'm patti ann browne. congresswoman gabrielle giffords' recover continued today in houston. they are expected to begin
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extensive therapy at memorial herman hospital. upon arrival doctors said she looked spectacular and alert and she responded to well-wishers as she left tucson. president obama announced the general electric ceo jeffrey immelt will lead a new advisory board, the priority being private sector job growth and innovation. g.e. responded the strongest profit for the fourth quarter, sparking a market rally. the dow closing up, making this the eighth straight week of gains. you can read more about giffords' recovery of fox glenn beck returns in a moment but first, shannon bream preview special report. >> hi. coming up, could your state declare bankruptcy? we examine that. talks began with iran. we tell you how it went. "special report" at 6:00 eastern, but now we take you back to glenn beck. ♪ ♪
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>> we are just ordinary hard-working people. nothing fancy or sophisticated about us. we care for our own. we also care for others. y? 'd like to see the country welcome in, that's the way it needs to be. we'd be still the greatest country in the world. [ applause ] >> glenn: back. it's 40 days since we were in wilmington, ohio, and i promised the town of wilmington i wouldn't be on and gone. i would follow up. if there is something positive to say, we'll say positive. if it's negative, we'll say the negative. i know what i've seen so far. it is only going to get better. it's starting to affect towns and people all across the nation who decided to take things in their own hands but in a positive way. allen, you were the first person i think i met from wilmington, ohio.
5:37 pm
you have the soup kitchen there. we talk about what you have seen. we watched people drive across the country and work in the soup kitchen happened you an envelope. >> by hundreds. >> glenn: hundreds of people. >> yeah. >> glenn: why? what do you think they're getting out of it? >> i think they are seeing several things. unity. city not giving up and nate god. >> if you are in a town. detroit. correct me if i'm wrong, especially you in wilmington, anybody here. people are looking for that unity. they're looking for that feeling. can't we work together and tell each other the truth and be good to each other? i think towns all over the country if they start having that attitude and go we're going to be different, i think you will see businesses and people move in. we talked that night, i think
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we were there, that there was a business that just watched and saw the people. they move to town and start a new business and i don't remember how many jobs they're creating. went to work with the town immediately and say we want to create jobs. people are good there. you saw this firsthand. you lost your business in a fire. you weren't in wilmington. somebody in wilmington said use my place. what happened? >> it was a series of events but ended up, this gentleman did what comes naturally to them. it's just the way he does business. >> glenn: you shook hands, right? >> he let me move in on something but a handshake. >> glenn: amy were you freaked out? >> no. i felt peace. >> glenn: okay. so now, since then when i last spoke to you 40 days ago you hadn't moved in yet.
5:39 pm
now you're in. what is life like? you moved to wilmington or commute to wilmington. >> commute. our business is there. >> glenn: what have you experienced? what has happened in 40 days? >> our case is different than everyone else. >> glenn: her comes the bad one. the people are insane! >> no, the people are great. our circumstance is different. we came out of a fire. we're trying to rebuild. so our focus has mainly been on rebuilding. we're about 90% of the way there. i don't know, our story is different than everyone else. a lot like your story. i almost lost my family six years ago. we almost went through a divorce. because of that experience, i was able to allow god in my
5:40 pm
life. >> glenn: you are sitting here and a fire and destroying your business could destroy your life. it would be the last blow. were you worried about that, amy? >> amazingly not. as much as you would think after the fire truck left and just us standing there, we knew it would be okay. >> glenn: how much time do i have? when we come back i want to show you what the power source is here. there are hundreds of communities all across the country that are exploring this. hundreds of phone calls have come in. not to me, but to one little shop in main street. in wilmington. back in a second. [ male announcer ] car theft is a serious crime,
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[ applause ] >> glenn: the, every network except for this one, every network has for the last two weeks to say what is going on in your country? people are going to become violent? what is the answer to that? how do we stop it? stop political rhetoric. thomas jefferson called john adams a hemaphrodite and adams responded saying if you elect jefferson, your daughters will be raped. jefferson responded and said if you elect adams your town will be burned to the ground. don't talk to me about political rhetoric. that's a little intense. they didn't silence political rhetoric. what they did is knew and trusted people could be in control of themselves because they knew something that we dismissed and pushed out of
5:46 pm
the public square. if you don't like it, that's totally cool. if you don't want to do it, totally cool. if it's not the aps for you, totally cool. but it's something that can give people strength and puts their feet on the right path. i found it when i went to wilmington. 1:00 in the morning i think when i finally came to robin's store front in wilmington, ohio. how are you, robin? >> doing well. how are you, my friend? >> glenn: good. you and i shared a story in the back of your place after i had been there for a while. do you remember it? >> i do. >> glenn: do you want to tell it? >> sure. for years now, the lord has been saying that the eyes of the nation would be drawn to the lights of wilmington. >> glenn: that's what you believe. >> right. >> glenn: you told me that story after i can't remember
5:47 pm
exactly what i wrote on the board. but i think i wrote on the board, before you told the story, the eyes of the nation would see, or would see wilmington, really see it for what was really happening there. you have something that i talked to so many listeners and viewers about that you have a place where all of the congregations come together. >> 11. >> through come together. hey, how are you doing, reverent pete? pretty good, bill. you keep it open 24 hours a day to pray for anybody in town, anything going on. people can walk in and put their name or friend's name on the board. how many people have called you from across the country? >> hundreds. e-mails. letters. >> glenn: what are they asking you? >> how can i do this in my
5:48 pm
city? >> glenn: and your answer is? >> i don't know. [ laughter ] ask god. >> glenn: this is your husband. >> it is. >> glenn: hi, larry. how are you? how many people told you that you were crazy when you started? people had to say you were crazy. did people tell you, you were crazy? >> absolutely. >> glenn: do you feel crazy now? >> no. >> glenn: the answer is not easy. it is just simple. back in just a minute. [ applause ] ♪ >> it's nice to have someone to put you on the right path of where you need to look. i thank him for that and what he's doing to wake other americans up. >> thank you for inspiring us. thank you for giving us hope.
5:49 pm
there is hope out there now. @=h
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>> glenn: here we are. a nation in trouble. a little town that is ground zero for trouble. and kerry, the guy who owns the pizza shop in town.
5:53 pm
decides you know what? i'm going to do something different. you provide food now for a family who was really struggling, right? >> yeah. >> glenn: when you told them, tell me. >> well, one of the things we like to do every year is give back to the community. because when you take care of those around you, you take care of yourself. we thought in con jens to your visit we were going to give away $10,000 worth of gift cards and one would be worth free pizza for life. so we found a family that was going to be recipient. and we went up and i introduced myself. >> glenn: they needed it. >> they did. >> glenn: they needed it. we have a couple here who have been having problem when their business burns down. somebody calls out of the blue and says come to wilmington. we have a great place for you. they do a deal, they shake
5:54 pm
hands on it. we have robin and her husband larry who are like, this could be disaster but they decide they're going to open up a prayer room in downtown wilmington. when things were going great, things wither going great. boy, i bet they felt. had sleepless nights. allen, a guy who says i'm not going to take any help. when help is available. i'm not going to take any help because i know we'll make it. i know he will provide. joshua, a guy who watches the show and i said i wish someone would write the federalist papers in common language and he did. and gets his frat brothers to get in the car and go to wilmington, ohio. fun times with joshua! [ laughter ] we have stephanie and mike. a couple that are from texas. and saw what robin was doing on tv and said, we've got to drive to ohio. from texas.
5:55 pm
they found answers. miracles are happening. miracles are happening. robin you said a minute ago that you think the secret is what? >> people are being encouraged that we are standing. and that the nation stands. >> glenn: they're standing themselves. the answer is the individual. some people believe in a herd. i don't. i believe in the power of the individual. this country has always been about individuals. frederick douglas. harriet tubman. rosa parks. george washington. thomas jefferson. george whitefield. thomas edison. all of them individuals. it's always about the ac. frans fox piven said so where are the angry crowds, the demonstrations, the sit-ins, the unruly mobs? after all, the unjustice is
5:56 pm
apparent. they're losing their home, pension, wile barrons. why aren't they demanding enhanced safety net detection and big initiative to generate jobs? where is the anger?" i don't know. it's not in wilmington, ohio, and they're much, much better for not having anger. back a minute. # ♪ # ?ñ?;:ñññw?7o÷sç:fñhg?
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